Reclaiming and Healing the Land

Join us for this new 4 session course with Rev. Dr. Alistair Petrie as we look at how land can be not ony reclaimed but also healed. The fifth session will be live through Zoom with Dr. Alistair Petrie.

It is a subject talked about widely today in the Body of Christ. This Ellel West base – Prairie Winds – has itself experienced the Biblical promise of “healing the land” and is the ideal place to come and learn how this applies to regions – cities – communities, churches, homes, as well as to the individual. 

Behind each authentic move of God in history, “Revival” is often preceded by the reclaiming of ground – meaning what has been lost – hidden – or stolen. At many levels of life this directly affects the land. Once addressed within correct Biblical parameters, a harvest of God can be expected (cf. Psalm 85:12). During this one day course we will be covering Biblical issues referring to land and how to apply intercessory prayer into effective “prophetic ditch digging” (cf. 2 Kings 3:16) and actually prepare a community for a visitation of God.


For many years in both the United Kingdom and Canada, Alistair served as senior pastor in diverse city church settings. With that experience and his earlier years spent in professional broadcasting, he now serves as the Executive Director of Partnership Ministries, a global ministry that teaches the principles and relevance of the Gospel and its relationship to all of society. Partnership Ministries is a ministry for the 21st Century Church combining prayer and research in order to prepare Communities, Cities, Nations, and the Marketplace for lasting revival, authentic transformation and the release of Kingdom culture. Alistair consults regularly in many parts of the world with churches, leaders, and business leaders who are witnessing amazing breakthrough in challenging times. He combines Scripture and fact with humour and example, and loves opening the eyes and hearts of people to the God of the Impossible!

Obtaining his Doctorate through Fuller Seminary, he has been a guest lecturer at several academic settings and Schools of Ministry. As well as being an international speaker, he is the author of several books and workbooks, and along with his ministry team has produced an informative DVD teaching series. He is the author of the highly acclaimed publication In Holy Fear which covers the topic of the Fear of the Lord in a prophetic and practical manner, seen as the “missing ingredient” for authentic community transformation.  His newest publications are Prophetic Ditch Digging and God’s Footprint In Business -  with two further publications soon to be released.

Married to Marie, their entire family serve the wider church and the Marketplace in the global arena.

Session Curriculum

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    Reclaiming and Healing the Land

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    Live Webinar

    • Reclaiming and Healing the Land - Zoom Webinar Part 1 - June 29, 2020

    • Reclaiming and Healing the Land - Zoom Webinar Part 2 - June 29, 2020